Karine Parker

Artiste franco-américaine, vit et travaille à Houston, Texas


Karine Parker, Texas Mystic


Karine Parker, peintre française vivant au Texas, a une incroyable soif d’expression par l’art.

Son style allie réalisme précis et expressionnisme abstrait au mouvement et à la couleur.

Le mouvement né de son pinceau nous invite dans son univers où la vie commence et déborde vers d’autres mondes, loin des barrières figuratives.

«Avec le besoin primordial de peindre sur un thème spécifique, je libère les couleurs et les coups de pinceau pour composer l’univers de ma vision. Les images et combinaisons de couleurs qui émergent avant et pendant cette expérience de peinture sont les représentations de mes mondes intérieurs, de leur essence colorée. Mes tableaux franchissent des frontières et reconnaissent la Force de la Vie. Ils apportent une vitalité et une liberté qui m’appaisent».

Pour Karine, l’art est un mode de vie et une vérité dans laquelle il faut s’immerger. Une vérité qu’elle partage en organisant des expositions avec d’autres artistes. Elles ont pour but d’ouvrir des portes en amenant les artistes à l’avant-scène de rencontres authentiques avec le public.

Karine a déjà exposé en France, en Angleterre ainsi qu’aux États-Unis.


Karine Parker, Life Force et Cloud Bay
“Crossing boundaries with color and movement to beckon the vitality of Life”
Karine is an imaginative French painter who is driven by an incredible passion for expression through art.
She has developed an innovative style that blends precise realism with abstract expressionism and movement.
Some paintings have movement. Some paintings have waves that carry you. I have always been attracted by that. I like to introduce movement and colors in my work so that the flow can transport you to the painting’s universe. For many years, I worked with watercolor and gouache to capture the secrets of this wave in figurative works.
Today, with acrylic, I feel more than ever the ability and the urge to express this life in movement. Acrylic brings texture, spontaneity. From the original urge to paint, I free the colors and the brush strokes. Only then I compose the universe of the painting on specific details that emerge from that first experience, the first delivery, the first rush. I build the painting on that foundation that is given to me.
The unexpected images and color combinations which emerge before and during the painting experience are the representations of my inner world, its colorful essence. They talk about the strength,
the freedom and the peace that I feel when I listen to its movement
and its music. They talk about ancient and new worlds where you can
cross boundaries, and beckon the vitality of Life.

Karine Parker is an imaginative and driven French painter with an incredible passion for expression through art. She lives in Texas .

Karine’s style blends precise realism with abstract expressionism and movement. Karine Parker is attracted by movement and colors in her work. The flow birthing from her brush invites us into her universe, where life begins, and overflows into new worlds, riding the secret wave away from figurative boundaries.

“With the original urge to paint a specific theme, I free the colors and the brush strokes to compose the universe of my vision. I emerge from this first rush, first delivery. I then build the painting on this foundation that was given to me as a gift. The images and color combinations which emerge before and during the painting experience are the representations of my inner worlds, of their colorful essence; they transform my heritage into new unmapped realms when I listen to their movement and their music.

My paintings cross boundaries and beckon the vitality of Life. They carry the strength and the freedom that bring me peace.”

Elizabeth Troestler says of Karine’s art: “We hardly dare to touch this highly symbolic painting. Beyond its harmony, rhythm, and light, we are tempted to explore the secrets of her work. Her colorful paintings are both intense and fragile. Her deep reds hide intense blues; these blues, painted into shades, capture the space of the canvas with force. Her characters are intangible. They tell a story, they escape us. Or do they simply allow us to find part of our story through them ? This artist sharpens our imagination with false realities …Her paintings carry us with movement and waves.”

For Karine, living Art is a way of life and a truth to live in. A truth she shares by organizing exhibits that include other artists. These exhibits are focused on opening portals by bringing artists to the forefront of authentic encounter with the audience. Past exhibits includes shows in the U.S, in France, and the U.K.